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Efficient Downloads

It can be difficult managing frequent, massive software downloads across multiple devices. If this initial touchpoint is a poor experience, users quit the process and your software never gets downloaded.

Efficient downloads

Edgio ensures that your files are delivered quickly, securely, consistently and at scale so that your users never leave frustrated. Through proper asset storage and software tooling, downloads go unnoticed – just as they should be!

Low-latency downloads

Cache objects at the Edge to improve delivery performance.

High origin offload

Reduce the number of requests that hit your origin server. 

Realtime modifications

Requests, origin responses and purges are modified in realtime. 


Analytics are at your fingertips to analyze performance and plan ahead.

Place downloads at the edge

Edgio positions large software and file downloads at CDN edges close to where your users are currently located, speeding up time to download and securing your origin from large numbers of requests.

Protect your files

Your downloads are protected with a global HTTPS footprint, a range of access control mechanisms, token authentication and built-in geo-fencing. 

Purge for performance

Purge data rapidly in real-time and at global scale – so that users are never served stale data. You can remove the hassle and limitations of traditional CDN purging methods.

Cap excessive consumption 

Control the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic to or from a network. With rate limiting, you’ll avoid errors, increase download speed, and provide a better flow of data.

Access powerful analytics

Plan ahead. We provide an easy-to-read dashboard for data and stats including download completion rates, download receipts and traffic patterns.

Deliver trusted and scaled updates

Edgio provides low latency, high origin offload and reliability needed to keep downloads flowing.                             

" I have everything I need to solve problems and be productive."

Justin Metros

Head of Technology

"Really awesome you are still up when Akamai is down..."

John Dorn

Global DevOps Manager

"It is insane how with Edgio we can load pages instantly, and yes, instantly!"

Fabricio Ibanez

Head of Digital Platforms

"With the developer experience that Edgio provides, we deploy with confidence every time"

John Beadles

Lead Web Developer

"I've tried lots of things to optimize the site and this is best experience I've ever had"

Joel Henriquez

Lead Developer

"Being able to have cache policies a part of the code base, locally and unit a huge benefit over Akamai."

Zachariah Crittendon

Software Architect

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