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Two paths to achieve "instant" eCommerce and win shoppers' loyalty

Optimizing your site’s Core Web Vitals and updating to a headless architecture are the keys to an “instant” eCommerce site.  Learn about these two critical paths then request a free website audit.

Reimagine your user experience with Edgio


Accelerate every aspect of the user experience by using an edge platform to power sub-second sites in the blink of an eye.

Rank higher

Rank higher in organic search and save money on ads with a faster, high-performance site that commands attention.

More page views

Increase page views by eliminating the buzz-kill factor of slow page loads so viewers see twice as many pages in an average browsing session.

Lift revenue

Lift revenue by increasing the value of each sale, getting more visitors to fill their cart and keep users coming back for more.

Handle traffic spikes

Handle traffic spikes so no matter how many viewers simultaneously knock at your digital door, no one is turned away or left waiting.

Push updates daily

Push updates daily with an intuitive, effortless edge-enabled solution that makes tech less technical.                               

Get Website Audit

We’ll provide a competitive analysis of your website and concrete steps to improve your performance.

" I have everything I need to solve problems and be productive."

Justin Metros

Head of Technology

"Really awesome you are still up when Akamai is down..."

John Dorn

Global DevOps Manager

"It is insane how with Edgio we can load pages instantly, and yes, instantly!"

Fabricio Ibanez

Head of Digital Platforms

"With the developer experience that Edgio provides, we deploy with confidence every time"

John Beadles

Lead Web Developer

"I've tried lots of things to optimize the site and this is best experience I've ever had"

Joel Henriquez

Lead Developer

"Being able to have cache policies a part of the code base, locally and unit a huge benefit over Akamai."

Zachariah Crittendon

Software Architect