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How will cloud-first web and API development evolve in the next three years?

If the last ten years of the cloud were defined by the 100s of ‘cloud primitives’ from AWS and the like, the next five will be defined by broad, holistic platforms such as Edgio. Watch the video then get in touch with us.

Next-Gen Web CDN

What is Edgio AppOps

An internet-scale platform making it easy for teams to build, release, protect and accelerate your web apps and APIs

A combination of integrated products that create powerful and efficient PlatformEdge and Security Apps


Powerful traffic splitting and feature management tool running at the edge

  • Traffic routing and splitting at the edge
  • Canary and blue/green deploys
  • Feature flags
  • Edge A/B testing that doesn't hurt performance
  • Fully atomic 'full stack' variations


Reduce cost, evolve to microservices and modern architectures

Better outcomes for lower costs

Make your eCommerce go even further through:

  • Consolidation of 25 different global web platforms
  • Upgrading to microservices by upgrading eCommerce platforms 
  • Creating brand new fast 'app-like' web experiences




Security integrated into your workflow backed by one of the largest networks on the planet. Giving your security teams the visibility and control to keep sites secure.

Bot ManagementDDoS Protection and WAF

Protect your websites from breaches in an ever-changing threat landscape. 


Deploy and run on the world's fastest CDN & Edge platform

Run instant sites on a global Edge & CDN Platform giving you the benefits of:

  • High Cache rates, fast edge computing and Point-and-click traffic routing with splitting at the edge
  • The fastest edge logic in the market
  • Sub-second page load times 


An amazing experience that developers love, Combining speed and efficiency. One click deploy allows for efficient edge logic. 

Releasing up to twice as often resulting in faster revenue growth.

Reimagine your user experience with Edgio


Accelerate every aspect of the user experience by using an edge platform to power sub-second sites in the blink of an eye.

Rank higher

Rank higher in organic search and save money on ads with a faster, high-performance site that commands attention.

More page views

Increase page views by eliminating the buzz-kill factor of slow page loads so viewers see twice as many pages in an average browsing session.

Lift revenue

Lift revenue by increasing the value of each sale, getting more visitors to fill their cart and keep users coming back for more.

Handle traffic spikes

Handle traffic spikes so no matter how many viewers simultaneously knock at your digital door, no one is turned away or left waiting.

Push updates daily

Push updates daily with an intuitive, effortless edge-enabled solution that makes tech less technical.                               

Why switch CDNs Now?

Stakes are continuing to rise for businesses

  1. Customers are quick to jump to competitors
  2. Google demotes underperforming sites
  3. Top talent will look elsewhere for newer stacks
  4. 39% of security breaches start with the web app
  5. Grow revenue faster with faster site updates 

The switch will pay off

  1. Cost savings
  2. Rapid developer agility and improved time to market
  3. Simpler operations and maintenance 
  4. Dramatic improvements in website speed 
  5. Greater security and reliability

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