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White paper: Speed matters on and off the pitch: Why a high-performing e-commerce site is the key to merchandising success

  • The growing importance of commercial revenues and ecommerce to football clubs
  • What is page load speed? How much can even the smallest increase significantly impact  revenue?
  • What steps can football clubs make to improve ecommerce performance?

How do you build stronger engagement with your fans? Increasingly, the answer is to create digital experiences. Before, during and after a live sporting event your fans are engaging with your content on their devices anytime and anywhere. Away from the live action, shopping experiences are a key way to monetise the relationship with your fans.

In both instances,  a highly responsive experience is a must.

Response time — how fast a web page or application loads — is shown to have a direct correlation with engagement, abandon rates and conversions to revenue. 

Discover the benefits a faster website could bring to your club.

Build Fan Magnets

Podcast: How to build a great online sports experience

  • Make it snappy! Improve fan engagement and increase conversions
  • Understand the importance of Google Core Web Vitals and why they matter
  • Discover why a modern Web CDN is essential for managing today’s dynamic data driven user experiences

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Increase Basket Spend

Webinar on demand: How to win more fans and boost revenue with a fantastic online digital experience

Key Learnings:

  • How to ensure your site is running as optimally as possible
  • How to identify additional sales revenue opportunities and fix common errors that impact revenue
  • Case study: Leading online retailer of sports apparel boosts revenue after improving website performance

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