How DevSecOps is Rewriting
The Rules of Cyber Security and eCommerce Website Performance

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  • Webinar content overview and meet the panelists
  • Latest retail trends influencing customer engagement
  • Assessment of retail threat landscape
  • Delivering increased personalisation without compromising performance
  • How can DevSecOps help prevent zero-day attacks
  • Why security should not be a bottleneck for performance
  • How to integrate security into a company’s overall culture
  • How DevSecOps is rewriting the rules of developer velocity

Online retail is a favourite target among cyber criminals. How can companies best secure their web apps and APIs from the ever increasing threat landscape? 

Join Ajay Kapur, CTO Edgio and Mark Peters, Product Manager, BrainGu,  DevOps Institute, as they shine a light on the retail threat landscape and explore how devsecops teams can improve an organisation’s security posture without compromising performance.

Mounia Barada-Gouzi

International Moderator

Meet the Panelists

Ajay Kapur


Mark Peters

Product Manager
BrainGu, DevSecOps Institute

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