Reduce Web Application
Total Cost of Ownership

Edgio helps lower TCO by up to 78%. How much can the edge save you?

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IT downtime costs $5,600
per minute.


The average US data breach
costs $9.44M.


Companies releasing faster
see 5x more revenue.


Edge-enabled apps bring flexible savings

What’s on your procurement scorecard?

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Lower TCO by up to 78%

Keep 100% uptime
Our massive, globally distributed network, with 300+ PoPs and 250+ Tbps, ensures apps stay resilient to downtime and revenue loss. 

Gain unmatched, instant security
With security functions built directly into the edge, you can instantly create and deploy a custom rule in less than 60 seconds. 

Release twice as fast
Increase cost efficiencies with the world’s first CDN that integrates with the development workflow, enabling teams to test, analyze, and deploy code twice as fast on average, compared to legacy CDNs. 

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Customize your contract

Unlock from CDN vendor debt free
Try Edgio and we will buy out your current CDN contract for up to a year to help reduce overhead.

Uncap security and usage
Enjoy unlimited global bandwidth, security, DDoS & DNS traffic – without surprise charges.

Pay as you go
No minimum commitments or long-term contracts required. Custom pricing is available.

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Consolidate vendors

Integrate, reduce, simplify operations
Integrate security, performance, analytics, and global capacity – and reduce the number of software vendors, associated compliance requirements, and operating systems.

Find freedom with fewer contracts
Save time with fewer contracts, processing fees, and database licensing fees.

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Protect your org and clients

The Edgio SOC 2 compliance ensures our information security is tested and handled responsibly.

Our PCI-DSS compliance safeguards sensitive data, instilling trust with your customers.

Through our ISO-IEC cert, we demonstrate a systematic and ongoing approach to managing information security risks.

Verizon Cut ARR costs by 78%

Operational agility skyrocketed on Edgio. The management of security policies for all Verizon products (3,000+ domains) was consolidated to a single person. This manager can deploy rules in minutes, versus weeks or months saving long-term operational costs

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reduction in infrastructure costs
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Get Started

Edgio enables global, scaled, and entirely automated workloads to address application infrastructure needs and reduce costs.

We will buy out your current CDN contract if you act before March 31, 2023.