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Maximizing Website Performance

For eCommerce websites, speed correlates directly to revenue. For informational websites, speed brings more organic traffic that can reduce ad spend. Faster websites are money in the bank

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Speeding up website loading speeds can reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver higher conversions

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of all cybersecurity attacks hit finance and insurance organizations
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Lift in eCommerce revenue thanks to sub-second performance
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Lost revenue every year due to websites that load slowly


Websites have a small window to engage with customers

Increasingly customers have lower and lower patience for slow loading website. 

Shoe Carnival improved website site speed by 92% and reduced security exploit mitigation time by 85% with Edgio Applications.

Boost Revenue up to 40%

eCommerce customers have seen dramatic revenue lifts after adopting Edgio Performance.

Pass Google Core Web Vitals

Edgio helps web teams dramatically improve the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric of Google Core Web Vitals.

Drive More Organic Traffic

Ranking higher on search results brings more visitors to your site. And site speed is now a factor in search engine rankings.

40% Lower Bounce Rates

A great experience keeps people on your site and prevents them from joining the 93% of people who have bounced because of a slow website.

200% Higher Conversion Rates

Get people to visit your site, to stay, and to convert with a blink-of-an-eye fast experience.

Improve Customer Experience

Your website or app is the face of your brand — delivering a great customer experience can pay dividends across all parts of the business.

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The Need for Speed: Page loads, security, and maximizing revenue

Up against challenges to reduce costs, increase productivity, and go to market faster? Get optimization tips for your web app’s top three revenue influencers.

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agree that site speed, threat response time, and fast updates are equally important

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