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Bundle Your Security & Delivery

Enjoy Edgio’s security and CDN with unlimited global bandwidth, security, DDoS & DNS traffic.

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Try our Security & CDN bundle and Edgio will buy out your current CDN contract for up to a year.
Select the option that best suits your needs:
Level One for $7,500 monthly or Level Two for $22,500, billed monthly. No additional costs.
Enjoy unlimited global bandwidth, security, DDoS & DNS traffic – at no cost to switch 

Offer expires: Sept 30, 2022

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How Much Protection Do You Want?

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What is included?

Holistic Protection

Critical Infra & Security

250 Tbps across 200+ PoPs | PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Network | Always-on L3/4 Protection |
Auth DNS Service | DNS Load Balancing

Data Encryption

TLS Encryption

Origin Restriction

Origin Cloaking | Origin Shield

DDoS Protection

L3-7 DDoS Protection & Mitigation

Web Application & API Protection

Bot Management | WAF | Managed WAF Rules | Custom WAF Rules | Dual WAF Mode |
Rate Limiting Rules (RL) | Access Control Lists (ACL)

Unlimited Delivery


Edge Performance Rules | Advanced Edge Caching | Advanced DNS Load Balancing


Traffic | Bandwidth | Data | Cache Hits Rates | Real-Time Logs | Real-time user metrics

Web App Platform

PCI Certified | Self-Service Portal/APIs | Storage | Developer-friendly

Why switch now?

$ 0 M+

can be saved can be saved if a breach is contained in less than 30 days.

$ 0 M

is the average cost
of a security breach


can be saved each breach with security automation. 

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of global web traffic
are malicious bots.

Why choose Edgio?

Edgio prevented one of the largest recorded DDoS attacks measuring 355.14 million packets per second (Mpps). Our client saw no impact on its origin.

We have 250 Tbps of bandwidth capacity and is one of the only edge platforms in the market to provide a fully comprehensive application security and L3/4/7 DDoS protection, supported by our managed security team and 24×7 SOC.

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Regions around the world where the attack landed

Edgio outperforms competitors

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Get Started

All your security, volume and performance needs can be met without surprise charges – and at no cost to switch vendors. The option to buy security alone is always there, but who doesn’t enjoy a good bundle?

This offer requires a minimum commitment of two years. Level one is $7,500 monthly and $180,000 in full. Level two is $22,000 monthly and $528,000 in full.