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Retail Profits: Making Security an Enabler of Speed and Bottom-Line Growth

Discover the latest trends and insights in web security and performance from 100 CIOs such as :

  • 35% were affected by a cyber attack in the past 12 months 
  • 60% use 6 or more tools to combat threats
  • 96% are prioritising AI/ML to deliver personalisation
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About the Report

In Q1 of 2023, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Chief Information Officers and similar across Europe to find out what technologies and processes they are using to enhance and protect the user experience. The report uncovers the 12 findings and includes observations from key industry and technology experts.

Part One:
Why Performance, Agility and Security go Hand in Hand

Part Two:
Re-Imagining Personalisation: Utilising Technology to Improve Performance

Part Three:
Implementing the Latest Cyber-Security Capabilities to Better Protect Customer Data

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Protecting your Retail Business

Uncovering the 2023 Retail CIO Insights and Trends in Web Security

Edgio is recognised in the retail space

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Quadrant names Edgio a leader In the 2022 SPARK Matrix analysis of the global CDN market. It reviews how Edgio simplifies the process of building, testing, optimizing, and running large e-commerce websites. 

forrester landscape report

Forrester includes Edgio in the Forrester’s “The Function-As-A-Service Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023.” Edgio is listed as having an industry focus on high tech products, retail, and entertainment and leisure.

“Having an array of sophisticated security solutions does not necessarily mean you will avoid an attack. Advanced solutions that provide 360-degree protection across the network and applications ensure that everything that is exposed to the internet is protected, not just your log-in page, your API, or your end-point.”

Paul McNamara
Principal Solution Engineer

“If these responses tell us anything, it is that CIOs do not always know what processes they are using to protect against cyber attacks. As software complexity continues to grow, CIOs should be looking for specific characteristics so they can respond securely in a more timely manner.”

Rob Barrett
Head of Website Development