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Ensure CDN Diversity with Edgio’s Tier 1 Network

Upgrade from Lumen to Edgio’s CDN and enjoy a no-commitment 30-day free trial, coupled with a promise of price matching on comparable features for an entire year.

Edgio’s network boasts 3.5x the reach and 1.5x the capacity compared to Lumen’s CDN.

Start your risk-free trial today and benefit from:

  • Exceptional Streaming Quality: Deliver top-tier video experiences. 
  • Robust Scalability: Tackle traffic surges without breaking a sweat. 
  • Advanced Security: Safeguard your content and ensure data privacy. 
  • Optimized Multi-CDN Integration: Augment and refine your existing CDN strategies. 
  • Unparalleled Support: Rest easy with Edgio’s 24/7 NOC and SOC, plus a dedicated team of professionals. 
  • Innovative Solutions: Dive into a realm of cutting-edge media, streaming, and web application services.
Edgio Frost Radar CDN Leadership Badge 2023

Leader in Global CDNs

Leader & Outperformer in Edge Platforms

Leader & Outperformer in Edge Platforms

TB Tech Best of Show Media Platform

Best of Show Media Platform

Quadrant Spark Matrix

Leader in CDNs

No Sticker Shock. We Price Match

The Lumen end-of-life was surprising enough.


Edgio will price-match your Lumen CDN and streaming features for an additional 12 months on top of your current contract. Our team is ready to help manage your migration. 

Ready to take back control of your current contract? Let’s talk.

Experience Edgio’s portal, tools & performance for 30 days FREE

Scale for any level of traffic

Consistently handle sudden spikes in traffic without compromising performance.

Protect file downloads

With WAF, DDoS, and bot protection, alongside token auth, SSL encryption, and geo-fencing – your files are always safe.

Fine tune the edge and reduce costs

Customize how and when content is cached based on location, time, revalidation periods, and cache misses to reduce bandwidth costs.

Reduce traffic to origin

Excessive requests to origin can increase cost, add latency, and reduce reliability. Improve performance and reduce costs with Edgio origin shield.

Purge stale data instantly

Purge data rapidly in real-time and at global scale – so users are never served stale data.

Access unparalleled visibility

Proactively monitor the health of downloads with real-time data for completion rates and traffic patterns. \

How We Compare

Upgrade to Edgio at no extra cost

Lumen Edgio
Capacity 170 Tbps 250 Tbps
Points of Presence (PoPs) 95 (closer to core) 350 (edge)
Multi-CDN Support
Load balancing
Server failover
Advanced Peering
Rate Limiting
24/7 Network Operating Center (NOC)
DDoS Protection Layer 3, 4, & 7 Layer 3, 4, & 7
Access Control
Origin Shield
24/7 Security Operating Center (SOC)
Bot Management Detection Standard Advanced
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Standard Advanced
API Security Solution Standard Advanced
CDN Rules Engine
Image Optimization Standard Advanced
Object pre-fetch Standard Advanced
A/B Testing
Local Developement Tooling
Resource Compression
Real-time Performance Analytics Suite
Performance Suggestions (DevTools)
Real-time Log Streaming
Live and VOD
FAST Channels Third-party
CMAF Third-party
Encoding Third-party
DRM Third-party
Ad Insertion Third-party
Syndication Third-party
Signal Ingest Third-party
VOD, SVOD, TVOD, and FVOD Third-party

Trusted by global media leaders


runs 1500
linear channels 24/7


increased production workflow speed by 50%

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onboarded 15 affiliate stations
in less than a month

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Run on one of the world's largest global networks

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