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Is Your CDN Ready for Today’s
Cloud-First Web?

Two major web developments have changed the scope of CDN requirements.

Next-Gen Web CDN

Evolution 1:
The dynamic web


Today’s websites are now more interactive, dynamic and database-driven than before. This is an issue with today’s CDN setups for a number of reasons:

  • CDNs were built to only cache static content
  • To cache dynamic content, the CDN logic must be configured in the application itself
  • Most CDNs are incapable of integrating with the application
  • Without integration, performance cannot be improved


Finding a solution that unifies the CDN and development will see benefits in the following ways:

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Rapid developer agility and improved time to market

Gain more visibility into caching, traffic, and errors, alongside faster reviews and approvals.

Simpler Operations

Simpler operations and maintenance

Code and infrastructure finally work in harmony, removing maintenance and patching headaches.


Greater security and reliabillity

Users and apps are protected at the farthest reaches of a company’s network.

Evolution 2:
Cloud services


With the exponential increase in cloud services over the past decade, selecting from the dizzying and overlapping array of services AWS and others provide is challenging for the following reasons:

  • It takes at least 20+ cloud services to build and manage today’s websites.
  • Stitching together cloud services requires a specialized operations person(s).
  • Maintenance and operations are complex and time consuming.


Switching to a CDN that handles cloud services natively will help companies save time and money in two major ways:

Simpler Operations

Tools and vendors

Dump vendors that cost a premium penny for just 1-2 operational needs

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Hiring availability

Hiring highly specialized cloud-services experts are expensive and are hard to retain. Removing this frees up time and resources.

How do I combat modern web changes?


Lookout for a solution that integrates CDN Edge logic into development


Consider a CDN that assembles & maintains cloud primitives


Continue to choose a solution that offers high availability and built-in security.

What do today’s CDNs offer?

Take a look under the hood of the leading CDNs, Akamai, Cloudflare, and Edgio.

CDN Comparison Chart

Why switch CDNs now?

Stakes are continuing to rise for businesses

  1. Customers are quick to jump to competitors
  2. Google demotes underperforming sites
  3. Top talent will look elsewhere for newer stacks
  4. 39% of security breaches start with the web app
  5. Grow revenue faster with faster site updates 

The switch will pay off

  1. Cost savings
  2. Rapid developer agility and improved time to market
  3. Simpler operations and maintenance 
  4. Dramatic improvements in website speed 
  5. Greater security and reliability

CDN renewals come up frequently and it’s easy to make a switch, or even augment your current CDN, for less maintenance and better performance at a lower cost

"Really awesome you are still up when Akamai is down..."

John Dorn

Global DevOps Manager

" I have everything I need to solve problems and be productive."

Justin Metros

Head of Technology

"It is insane how with Edgio we can load pages instantly, and yes, instantly!"

Fabricio Ibanez

Head of Digital Platforms

"With the developer experience that Edgio provides, we deploy with confidence every time"

John Beadles

Lead Web Developer

"I've tried lots of things to optimize the site and this is best experience I've ever had"

Joel Henriquez

Lead Developer

"Being able to have cache policies a part of the code base, locally and unit a huge benefit over Akamai."

Zachariah Crittendon

Software Architect

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