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Release 2x faster

Without the proper tools and resources, time can be consumed by putting out fires rather than optimizing the web app itself. Imagine emulating edge logic locally, accessing branch preview URLs, rolling back with a single click and routing traffic by point-and-click. You get this and more with Edgio.



Integrations: deploy with a click

If you are already using a Jamstack application, you can deploy on any of our 40+ supported frameworks with the click of a button.



EdgeJS: configure edge logic

For the first time ever, integrate the edge with the development. Emulate the edge locally, collaboratively iterate on CDN config, preview and test edge logic and caching rules in pre-production and push code live with confidence.


Branch preview: preview URLs

Product, design, QA, and developers can preview and monitor progress during development through live, downloadable preview URLs created for every pull and merge request. Catch a bug? Rollback and promote to any environment with just a click.



DevTools: pinpoint routing errors

Monitor your site requests, analyze caching and prefetching configurations, and identify issues and bottlenecks. Responses from serverless, edge and browser cache are at your fingertips. Find an uncached route? Automatically deploy edge logic with EdgeJS.


Observability: drill into metrics

Stop stitching together tools to get accurate insights page to page. Edgio summarizes performance metrics, traffic, errors, cache hit rate in an easy-to-read dashboard. Drill into metrics specific paths, devices, browsers, etc. and set alerts for a variety of events.

Deep request inspection

See the body and headers of all requests and responses your site makes, alongside upstream requests, messages, and errors that were logged. Access this feature by tailing the server logs on any deployment.



Full-stack environments: Fine-tune your app

Drive your application components where they work best: servers, edge and even into the device. Manage the full stack from local developer machine to production, with the only full-stack debugging feature in the market.

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Serverless compute: Handle scale with ease

Develop, test, and deploy the serverless functions you need, with or without a JavaScript framework. Handle traffic spikes, execute API calls at runtime, manipulate requests from origin and easily cache responses.

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" I have everything I need to solve problems and be productive."

Justin Metros

Head of Technology

"Really awesome you are still up when Akamai is down..."

John Dorn

Global DevOps Manager

"It is insane how with Edgio we can load pages instantly, and yes, instantly!"

Fabricio Ibanez

Head of Digital Platforms

"With the developer experience that Edgio provides, we deploy with confidence every time"

John Beadles

Lead Web Developer

"I've tried lots of things to optimize the site and this is best experience I've ever had"

Joel Henriquez

Lead Developer

"Being able to have cache policies a part of the code base, locally and unit a huge benefit over Akamai."

Zachariah Crittendon

Software Architect