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Edgio accelerates pages by 70% on average

Want to see your page loads drop? 

The next wave in application performance: security at the edge

Edgio security solutions integrate with our edge network with 250 Tbps global capacity, ensuring bad traffic is dropped in real-time. The result is a faster, more reliable user experience. To take speed even further, Edgio offers performance features capable of dropping page loads down to sub-second speeds.

Display content instantly

A typical web page begins loading an element after a user clicks. Edgio preloads content most likely to be requested before a customer even clicks. When they do, content is displayed in the blink of an eye.

Break site speed records

The average page load time in eCommerce is 3.5 seconds, compared to 800 milliseconds on Edgio. We extend the edge into the browser, making sub-second possible. 

Protect your shoppers

Edgio web application and API protection (WAAP) is implemented at the edge, dropping bad traffic closest to where it originates, in real-time. This reduces the burden on your application and results in a faster user experience.

Identify poor performing pages

30-day data is 29 days too late. Edgio is unique in providing real time user analytics as shoppers browse your site and suggestions to resolve issues in minutes. 

Avoid downtime during sales

Our massive edge network has 70x more capacity than the largest recorded DDoS attacks, ensuring you stay resilient to unexpected downtime during your biggest sales of the year. More uptime and money in the bank.

Update site globally in minutes

With performance and security operations integrated into the edge, Edgio allows teams to collaborate, test, and implement safe updates across all global domains – in under 60 seconds without users noticing.

Shoe Carnival needed security that didn’t slow their site down.
Edgio brought much more:

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faster page loads

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Tapestry saw 27% revenue growth in Q4

The CEO of Tapestry (Kate Spade, Coach, Stuart Weitzman) speaks publicly on the details of their digital business success, which saw 27% revenue growth in Q4.

Edgio and began working together in 2021 as one of Tapestry’s first steps in their roadmap to unify strategic and technical visions for their website experiences. 

Tapestry now also utilizes Edgio for its largest brands, Coach and Stuart Weisman.

Edgio is recognized in the retail space

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“Everyone has commented on how blazing fast our site is”  

Sam Grossman

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“On Edgio, we have better speed and conversions. From a developer’s standpoint, we have far more flexibility.”  

Kent Zimmerman
VP eCommerce & Marketing Technology

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“It’s clear that our users are enjoying their experience more with a faster site.”  

Justin Metros
Head of Technology

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“We are extremely happy with the performance, reliability and security services that Edgio provides on their CDN platform.”

Stephen Jung
Associate Vice President

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Quadrant names Edgio a leader In the 2022 SPARK Matrix analysis of the global CDN market. It reviews how Edgio simplifies the process of building, testing, optimizing, and running large e-commerce websites. 

forrester landscape report

Forrester includes Edgio in the Forrester’s “The Function-As-A-Service Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023.” Edgio is listed as having an industry focus on high tech products, retail, and entertainment, and leisure.

Get Your Complimentary Website Assessment

Request a free evaluation that will give you the answers to three key questions:


  1. How does your site’s speed compare to competitors and industry benchmarks?
  2. Where are the security vulnerabilities on your site?
  3. What is the level of effort to change from my current tech setup to Edgio?


Receive your personalized report over a consultation call with Edgio experts.


Our security assessment will not compromise your system in any way. We perform white-hat checks that allow our team to make an assessment.  

* Edgio may reach out to further clarify the request before the scheduled meeting.

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