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The accelerated digital transformation of business models adds to the complexity of securing an evolving threat landscape. Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate the leader in the global holistic web protection platform (HWPP) industry based on both business and customer impact. 


Learn how Edgio broke out from the pack with capabilities like:

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”Standalone WAF, DDoS, and bot management can no longer mitigate attacks from the expanded attack surface in the cloud environment.”

“Features including dual WAAP, self-serviceability, SIEM and SOAR integration… differentiate the [leader] from many other market participants.”

Addressing Industry Challenges

The evolving threat landscape pushes market participants to provide a more holistic convergence of cloud-delivered DDoS mitigation, bot mitigation, WAF, and API protection through holistic web protection platforms (HWPPs).

Price Value

The best value to customers is the ability to provide differentiating security capabilities and align with customers’ needs. Edgio incorporates advanced security capabilities, such as dual web application and API protection (WAAP), full spectrum DDoS protection, and patent-pending machine learning model, for true multi-layered security. 

Customer Ownership & Service Experience

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Edgio for its flexible and predictable pricing model. Customers are offered four tiers of security service engagement plans based on different customer needs. Additionally, customers do not incur additional charges if they have more traffic due to an attack. 

Financial Performance

Value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and ability to improve the features of the HWPP security suite based on customers’ feedback play a role in customer acquisition and revenue growth  – making these core factors when selecting market leaders, such as Edgio

 See how Edgio, the 2023 winner, earned its position as a leader in the global HWPP industry

“Edgio makes implementing new
functionality much easier, hands down,
than anything else.”

Jason Atkinson, Frontend Dev
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“We are confident we can support our global business growth requirements with the performance, reliability and security services with Edgio.”

Stephen Jung, Associate VP

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