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Our customers look for flexible, long term partners they can trust to help improve operational efficiencies, facilitate compliance, and reduce costs. Edgio does that and more:

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Unified edge-enabled solutions bring flexible savings

GitLab’s 2022 global survey finds 69% of IT teams want to consolidate tools because of hidden costs and the time maintenance takes away from managing security and compliance requirements. Edgio unifies edge solutions for improved security, operational agility, and overall costs.

Reduce long-term IT costs

Large IT efforts typically run 45% over budget, according to Mckinsey. Edgio doubles the speed of operational velocity, while providing real time visibility into site threats. Respond quickly, save money. 

Consolidate tools without compromise

It can take 20 or more cloud tools to build and manage a web application. Edgio’s holistic applications platform integrates capacity and storage through security and user analytics – while natively managing the system. 

Stay secure and compliant without the headache

With our security functions built directly into the edge, teams can align policies with industry best practices, ensure data confidentiality and integrity, and instantly deploy updates across all domains in less than 60 seconds.

Reduce costly website downtime

Gartner finds downtime costs $5,600 per minute. Our massive edge network has 70x more capacity than the largest recorded attacks, ensuring your site stays resilient to the growing threat of cybercrime attempting to take down your site.

Avoid rearchitecting in the future

Edgio enables you to scale gracefully from tens to thousands to millions of users and handle increasing volumes of data at the lowest possible costs—without needing to redesign the app in the future.

Trusted by the biggest and most secure companies to optimize performance and costs

A global, multibillion dollar client cut TCO by 78%

Edgio helped one multinational client become a more agile IT organization and reduce operational costs by 78%. They lowered server and software licensing costs, massively reduced support incidents, and consolidated the security policy management of their 3000+ domains to one single engineer. 

78% lower total cost of ownership

50% faster rule deployment

15-20% faster user experience

Get Your Change Analysis

Request a complimentary evaluation that will give you the answers to three key questions:


  1. How does your site’s speed compare to competitors and industry benchmarks?
  2. Where are the security vulnerabilities on your site?
  3. What is the level of effort to change from my current tech setup to Edgio?

Receive your personalized report over a consultation call with Edgio experts.


Our security assessment will not compromise your system in any way. We perform white-hat checks that allow our team to make an assessment. 

* Edgio may reach out to further clarify the request before the scheduled meeting.

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