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World’s First JS-based CDN

Traditional CDNs cache assets, but Edgio turbocharges your page URLs. No more sluggish dynamic content – embrace websites that surge with speed and captivate users instantly. Elevate your online presence with Edgio’s high-speed transformation!

Make your site instant in minutes!

CDN config that you’ll actually use

Harness the power of controlling the JavaScript at the edge of your router, guaranteeing exceptional cache hit rates for all your valuable page URLs. Discover the seamless convenience, powerful expressiveness, and unwavering reliability of EdgeJS.

Experience a streamlined journey as EdgeJS seamlessly integrates into your workflow, following the well-established local development → peer review → QA → Release cycle – just like your core code. Unleash the potential of your website with EdgeJS and stay steps ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

Using Edgio Security, Shoe Carnival blocked 8M malicious requests in one month and reduced security exploit mitigation time by 85%.

Stream data to the browser before it’s needed

 Our intelligent service worker anticipates your visitors’ actions, proactively fetching dynamic pages even before they click a link. Through our advanced network and monitoring tools, rest assured that dynamic data is cached impressively over 95% of the time. This not only supercharges load times but also acts as a robust shield, safeguarding your database from the additional requests that prefetching can generate. Elevate your website’s efficiency and user satisfaction with EdgeJS today.

Develop CDN rules locally

Empower developers with the ability to execute CDN rules and other edge logic directly on their local machines. Say goodbye to the need for deploying to staging solely for testing CDN rules. This feature proves invaluable, particularly during the development of split tests and while managing multiple backends. Streamline your development process and enhance efficiency by seamlessly integrating local testing for CDN rules and edge logic.


Latest Cybersecurity Threats : How to Detect and Mitigate Them

Is the unpredictable nature of attack-types bringing you and your network to the brink? Get actionable tips on how to mitigate today’s most significant threats.


$ 0 m
is the average cost of a data breach in USD

Cache clearing on steroids

Effortlessly refresh the cache on a global scale within seconds, whether it’s for a specific URL, using regex, based on surrogate keys, or even for your entire site. The cache clearance process becomes a breeze with multiple options available – through the console, API, or CLI. Excitingly, we’re on the verge of introducing a feature that listens to database changes, automatically targeting and clearing only the objects that have been modified. With EdgeJS, you’re the master of your site’s data, maintaining comprehensive control at all times.

Enhance your CDN

Discover the game-changing capabilities of Edgio’s EdgeJS – a comprehensive solution that can seamlessly replace all the functionalities of your existing CDN while incorporating essential web security features directly at the edge. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to retain your current CDN setup; Edgio’s EdgeJS can easily integrate behind or alongside it without compromising the rapid load times that keep your website within the sub-second realm. Elevate your digital performance without any slowdown with Edgio’s EdgeJS.


Accurate Detection and Mitigation Using Machine Learning

Edgio Advanced Bot Manager applies machine learning on top of multiple signals to mitigate bot attacks, fraud and account abuse

Realtime Security Dashboard