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How much are your website operations costing you?

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is the cost of tool sprawl in an organization
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of IT leaders want fewer vendors to improve compliance management
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Unified edge-enabled solutions bring flexible savings

Sixty-nine percent of IT teams want to consolidate tools because of challenges with hidden costs and the time maintenance takes away from managing security and compliance. Find an edge-enabled solution that integrates application solutions for better security, compliance facilitation and cost reduction.

Reduce long-term IT costs

Large IT efforts typically run 45% over budget. Double the speed of operational efficiencies and lower costs with security, performance, and development solutions integrated at the edge.

Consolidate tools without compromise

It can take 20 or more cloud tools to build and manage a web application. Free your team from unnecessary contracts, compliance requirements, and operating systems with a holistic applications platform.

Stay secure and compliant without the headache

With security functions built directly into the edge, teams can align security policies with industry best practices, ensure data confidentiality and integrity, and instantly enforce them across the layers of the app stack.

Reduce costly website downtime

Downtime costs $5,600 per minute. A globally distributed edge network ensures that your web apps and APIs are resilient to unexpected downtime, even if a part of the world’s internet goes down.

Avoid large rearchitects in the future

Edge networks enable you to scale gracefully from tens to thousands to millions of users and handle increasing volumes of data at the lowest costs—without needing to redesign the app in the future.

Accelerate. Secure.
Oh - and consolidate.

Web application leaders everywhere are being asked to do more with less. Explore how the edge provides unparalleled performance, protection, and simplicity through Insights from the Edge.

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