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How much revenue was stolen from your eCommerce business in 2022?

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of shoppers expect a site to load in less than 3 seconds
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of e-comm traffic isn’t human.
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of e-comm sales were stolen by bots in 2022

Application performance begins with security at the edge

Forty-two percent of eCommerce traffic isn’t human, so it’s easy for an app to get overworked and ultimately slow performance and revenue opportunities. Reduce commerce friction with performance-optimized web application protection at the edge.

Turbo-charge your shopping experience

Over 16,000 malicious requests probe a typical website, overworking and slowing down a site. Implementing security at the edge drops bad traffic in real-time, making the user experience faster

Reduce attacks and downtime

Downtime costs $5,600 per minute. Edge protection ensures that your app stays resilient to unexpected DDoS attacks and business downtime. More uptime and money in the bank.

Update your site globally in minutes

Customer expectations change on a dime. Integrate performance and security operations into the edge to implement safe performance updates across all global domains in minutes – without downtime.

Identify poor performing pages

30-day data is 29 days too late.  An edge solution can provide real time user analytics. Quickly pinpoint where and why real users are suffering, and update key pages in minutes. 

Accelerate. Secure.
Oh - and consolidate.

Web application leaders everywhere are being asked to do more with less. Explore how the edge provides unparalleled performance, protection, and simplicity through Insights from the Edge.

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