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What’s Happening at Black Hat USA 2023

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, NV, one of the biggest, internationally recognized information security events. It is one of several multi-day events for the global security community providing the latest in cutting-edge cybersecurity research, developments, and trends.


Now in its 26th year, Black Hat USA will commence on August 5th with a series of specialized cybersecurity trainings spanning four days, catering to individuals of varying skill levels. Following the trainings, the main conference starts on August 9th and presents an impressive lineup of over 100 carefully curated briefings, along with numerous open-source tool demos in the Arsenal hall and while also finding opportunities for networking and social events as well.


“I am looking forward to the cutting-edge research that’s always unveiled at Black Hat, as well as engaging with industry experts, networking, and learning from other security professionals, especially practitioners,” said Andrew Johnson, Head of Security Product Marketing at Edgio.


Edgio and its team of cybersecurity experts are attending the event with a booth (#2911D) and a sponsored session titled “Under Attack: Our Experiences with KillNet and Anonymous Sudan.” The topic is scheduled for Thursday, August 10th at 1:50 pm PT, with Andrew presenting and joined by Richard Yew, Sr. Director Product Management – Security at Edgio, as they share Edgio’s experiences with two formidable adversaries over the last year – KillNet and Anonymous Sudan – while operating one of the largest edge networks in the world.


Edgio has been in the crosshairs of KillNet and Anonymous Sudan since day one, and, in this session, they will share firsthand experiences from Edgio’s customers, and its own teams, as a direct target of these notorious groups.


Starting as a DDoS-for-hire service, KillNet quickly evolved to target critical national infrastructure across the globe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Making mitigation more challenging was KillNet’s use of varying techniques while rotating their targets kept Edgio on its toes. Additionally, the persistent threats coordinated by Anonymous Sudan, who could run a master class in attack automation, were responsible for some of the largest application-layer DDoS attacks over the last year. 


Richard and Andrew will shed light on the tactics, techniques, and motivations behind these dangerous adversaries, offering a rare glimpse into the dark underbelly of state-sponsored hacktivist groups. This session will help attendees learn how to improve security posture and resilience against similar, evolving threat groups.


“Black Hat brings together the best minds in the industry,” said Richard Yew. “We’re excited to be a part of the conversation, and we’re looking forward to learning from our peers – threat hunting, zero-day exploitation, the latest in DevSecOps, API Security – all hot topics we expect to learn more about at this year’s event.”


Edgio will also release its new API Security solution that uses machine learning (ML) to discover and protect enterprise APIs from evolving threats. This latest addition to Edgio’s Security platform reduces the risk of API-specific attacks, and through simple integration with developer workflows, enables strong application performance and accelerated application release velocity. 


To learn more about how Edgio helps enterprise companies secure their business-critical applications and APIs with speed and confidence, book a meeting onsite at Black Hat with our security experts today.