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Web Security, InfoSec Europe 2023, Cricket and What’s Next?

We have just wrapped up at InfoSec Europe 2023.

It started with a two-hour thunderstorm and ended with us, in particular Edgio’s Danny Benefield, Senior Solutions Engineer, presenting on the insight stage about “Mitigating zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities with speed and confidence.” Plus somewhere in the middle there was the distraction of an England Ashes test match (for those unaccustomed – that’s a sporting encounter that occurs over five days against Australia, with gaps for lunch and tea – where it’s entirely possible that no one wins).


infosec 2023

At Edgio, we love talking with people and explaining how we can help them secure their websites and improve developer velocity. In particular, we enjoyed sharing our insights into the convergence of performance and security, the consolidation of tool stacks to improve both developer and operational team performance, and that there is no need to force a tradeoff between security and speed. 

In Danny’s presentation he talked about how having a multi-layered approach to security is key to defending against different types of threats and helps against attackers ‘retooling’. In addition, Danny conveyed that having a strong security posture and proactively mitigating threats decreases your chances of being re-targeted as it promotes a sense that your company takes security seriously.

One of the interesting interactions during the talk followed from an audience question: “how do you handle data for multiple security layers when using multiple third parties?” The discussion progressed onto the value of a feature-rich SIEM solution so that you can have a single pane of glass to view threats and match-up potential correlations. Further debate highlighted that the market is trending towards vendor consolidation – moving away from a multi-silo approach and the strength of a solution – like Edgio’s –  that has WAAP, DDoS, Bot Management, and API security as a single offering.

At the stand we talked about outcomes and problem solving, and whilst not a visible theme from the show but certainly part of lots of conversations, was the “AI/ML/ChatGPT” future for security solutions.

From the event floor at InfoSec 2023

It seems 2024 will be the year this layer will be added to security solutions across the tech stack. Of course how it will be used will be up to you:

  • A clever chat bot?
  • A query tool?
  • A problem discovery agent?
  • A set up enabler?
  • A security Alexa?
  • A rules advisor?
  • Would you want it to tell you things or change things?

If we met you at Infosecurity Europe this year, thank you for your time. If we didn’t meet you, we would love to get your views on the future of web security and performance, and maybe an opportunity to discuss how we can help you secure your website. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today.

Here’s to InfoSec 2024 and the next phase of web security.

…Oh and by the way we lost the first match to Australia in the cricket – but there are four more games to go over the summer!