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 Making the web safer for business

Symantec, a global leader in cybersecurity, needed a faster, more agile approach to software development to protect its customers from fast-moving cyber threats. We provided the tools to help further their success.


Cyber threats are an unrelenting, ongoing challenge for every business. To maintain their customers’ trust, Symantec needed tools to automate the delivery workflow of increasingly frequent security updates so their product teams could keep customer systems secure.







Precision tools and analytics from our delivery network helped Symantec transform its software development process, resulting in significant operational advantages in the following areas:

  • Global reach and performance

  • Geotargeting

  • ‍Encryption

  • Download analytics

  • Cloud-based storage

  • Responsive support system


Our high-performance global delivery network architecture stood up to millions of simultaneous download requests from nearly everywhere in the world. Leveraging a number of our capabilities, including new geo-aware edge rules, analytics, and cloud-based infrastructure, helped Symantec:

  • Reduce operational costs from the system

  • Improve the ability to centrally manage the download process across many different product teams and customer endpoints

  • Gain direct access to highly-skilled engineers on the front line so that they can keep their downloads moving

  • Avoid spending cycles wading through bureaucracy and red tape