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Solvay Bank

Securing Financial Services at Scale

Solvay Bank is a local commercial bank committed to helping make their customers’ financial dreams come true. Learn how we helped them continue their mission while implementing new enterprise security solutions.

“With Edgio protecting our network infrastructure and online applications, we can confidently serve our customers knowing that our defenses will be ready and available when needed.”

Derek Moon, VP, Chief Information Officer , Solvay Bank







As a regional bank in Central New York, Solvay Bank attracts and retains customers by offering a unique local presence with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Although they’re local, customers expect enterprise-grade online banking services and data security found at larger institutions. Solvay’s challenge was implementing a network and security solution without extensive IT teams and resources while delivering responsive services, resilient infrastructure and enterprise-grade security.
Solvay Bank needed:

  • Better web application performance

  • Infrastructure protection

  • Enterprise-level network security


Securing Solvay’s banking network and applications started by changing the DNS to route all of its online banking applications through the Edgio Security service. Solvay utilizes the Edgio Web Application Firewall (WAF) to inspect and filter all inbound traffic to its application servers. This protects its online banking services from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, Layer 7 DDoS attacks and other application vulnerabilities.

Combined with Verizon’s SD-WAN and secure web gateway services, Solvay has a complete security solution protecting infrastructure and applications from inbound attacks while inspecting and applying security policies to outbound traffic originating from banking branches and headquarters.
Edgio provides Solvay with:

  • DDoS mitigation and response

  • Web application firewall with managed WAF service

  • SD-WAN and secure web gateway integration

  • Cloud Advisory Service


Edgio boosted the performance of Solvay Bank’s web applications. They can now leverage analytics to measure application performance and make educated decisions about application and security configuration changes. With this new source for performance and security data, Solvay’s IT teams can proactively address threats and make configuration changes in minutes.

With the Edgio Cloud Security Advisory service, Solvay’s IT team does more with less. The complex and time-consuming task of reviewing security logs, analyzing traffic and testing changes is handled by Edgio. A dedicated security architect proactively reviews, presents and implements recommendations every month, ensuring Solvay’s security adapts to the changing threat landscape.
We helped Solvay Bank:

  • Improve the performance of web applications

  • Make better security decisions

  • Proactively address threats

  • Make configuration changes in minutes