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Napster, formerly Rhapsody – The first paid online music subscription service!

Rhapsody International, which owns and operates the Napster brand, pioneered the paid music streaming service when it launched Rhapsody in 2001. Rhapsody was the first music service to sign licensing agreements with all major labels, the first streaming music service to launch an iOS app, the first service to offer a broad catalog of major label content for full-track play on Twitter, and the first streaming service to provide a front end specifically designed for kids. Additionally, Rhapsody was the first music streaming service available on Sonos’ line of connected speakers, the first to launch a hybrid radio service, unRadio – through a partnership with T-Mobile, and first to power on-demand streaming service for a radio provider with iHeartRadio All Access powered by Napster. Today, as one global brand formerly known as Rhapsody, Napster is a top-tier streaming music service with 3.5 million paying customers and a global catalog of more than 40 million songs available in 34 countries.

“The team at Edgio has genuine interest in helping Napster enhance its service, and is willing to work with us on innovative solutions. We’ve had a long and positive relationship with Edgio. They are easy to work with and very responsive. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together in the future.”

Paul Vandergrift, Senior Director, Vendor Relationship Management – Napster

Scaling Globally To Expand and Meet Increasing Customer Demand

As Napster increases its subscriber base and expands into more regions around the world, it wanted to ensure a high-quality listening experience everywhere. Both of these goals present unique challenges to ensure flawless streaming on every Internet device





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Napster is an online music store subscription service based in Seattle, Washington.


Scaling globally to expand and meet increasing customer demand.


Edgio Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Cloud Storage Services

Edgio Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Cloud Storage Services

Through the Edgio Content Delivery Network and Cloud Storage services, Napster is able to consistently deliver millions of songs to customers in milliseconds, across a wide variety of connected devices anywhere in the world. By utilizing both the CDN and Cloud Storage Services, Napster is able to place its vast library of more than 40 million songs closer to the end-user, resulting in improved speed of delivery globally and a high-quality listening experience.

In addition Delivery and Storage provided:

Global reach

Their growing customer base is currently in more than 30 countries and continues to expand. With Edgio, Napster is able to deliver a high-quality experience anywhere in the world, on any device.


As its subscriber base grows rapidly, Napster is confident that the Edgio CDN can increase bandwidth to handle any peak traffic demands.

Relationships and expertise

For 15 years Napster has worked closely with Edgio to deliver its services to its growing customer base. They know their team at Edgio will work with them to find solutions to optimize performance.

Improved end-to-end performance

By fully integrating our Cloud Storage service into the Edgio CDN, content is pre-positioned closer to the end-users so that when they request a song there is lower latency. The song is able to come from a warm cache reducing the number of hops it takes to go back to origin, thus getting to the end user significantly faster.