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Four Key Things You Need to Know About Implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy

Redundancy and the ability to scale to meet large traffic demands and expand globally have never been more important for companies, especially in an increasingly digital economy where online users’ patience is at an all-time low and churn rate translates to missed opportunities for brands. As such, organizations need to minimize latency to deliver an optimal user experience in our modern digital era – one solution is implementing a multi-CDN strategy.

In this article, Charley Thomas, Director of Solutions Engineering at Edgio, reviews four key things you need to know about implementing a multi-CDN strategy including:

  • What is a multi-CDN?

  • What are the benefits of a multi-Content Delivery Network strategy?

  • Questions to ask when determining if a multi-CDN strategy is right for your organization.

  • Important factors to consider when selecting the right CDN partner.


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