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Eight Reasons Edgio Security is a Best in Class Solution

Edgio Recognized with 2023 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for Holistic Web Protection Platform

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Edgio with a 2023 Global Customer Value Leadership Award based on the business and customer impact our web application security solution brings to the market. Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate the leader in the global holistic web protection platform (HWPP) industry based on both business and customer impact. Here are the key reasons Edgio Security has earned this award.

Addressing industry challenges

We are redefining what a holistic web protection platform means. The evolving threat landscape requires a more holistic convergence of cloud-delivered DDoS mitigation, bot mitigation, WAF, and API protection. At Edgio we combine a suite of multi-layered security components into one integrated offering. Customers enjoy comprehensive web application and API protection (WAAP), with full spectrum DDoS protection, advanced bot management, and more, leveraging patent-pending AI/ML threat detection that runs natively on our edge network to efficiently mitigate threats closest to where they originate.

Enhancing speed through security

Our Security platform is optimized from the ground up so that strong security doesn’t have to create poor web application performance. The proprietary engine that powers our security solutions was designed to minimize CPU cycles and memory consumption, allowing higher processing speeds.

Accelerating operational efficiency

Edgio Security is API-first, designed to integrate into existing application development workflows. Instead of leaving security as the last step before a release, Edgio enables teams to embed security into development pipelines so application and security testing happen together. Our customers find risks sooner in the dev process, reducing the chance for last-minute security blockers and allowing teams to release features faster and more securely.

Releasing new updates rapidly

Security rules for access control, API, rate limiting, bot management, custom, and managed rules are easy to enable. Updates can be propagated across the network in less than 60 seconds, so customers can close the door on attackers quickly.

Promoting experimentation without user disruption

Edgio’s Dual WAAP feature allows DevSecOps teams to test new rules on production traffic in an audit capacity without disrupting the user experience. This lowers the risk of blocking legitimate traffic and decreases remediation times when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning

Edgio’s machine learning model distinguishes between good and malicious bots, ensuring marketing and search engine optimization can still work while denying account takeover (ATO), website scraping, inventory denial, and more.

Encouraging web application tool consolidation

Edgio provides a unified control panel that allows our customers to manage their web application, security and CDN performance from one single pane of glass. By consolidating their web application security with Edgio, our customers not only reduce costs but complexity, resulting in a better overall security posture.

Offering a predictable and flexible pricing structure

While the platform is of exceptional value to customers, Edgio does NOT require the purchase of the entire suite. In fact, Edgio makes it easy for customers to incrementally adopt various Edgio’s solutions. Further, customers do not incur additional charges if they have more traffic due to an attack. Edgio’s free trial option makes it easy to get started.

Bonus value

Edgio has a team of experts. Experts who understand web applications, performance, AND security so the entire DevSecOps team is supported. Read the full report and contact us today.