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Commentary: The Best of All Worlds – Reduced Latency Without The Tradeoffs

In an industry where every millisecond counts, achieving low or reduced latency without compromising quality has been a perpetual challenge for broadcasters and content distributors. Traditional streaming approaches often introduce noticeable delays, hampering the immediacy and interactivity expected by audiences.

Edgio’s Uplynk solution, however, is changing the game in live streaming and transforming the way latency is managed by helping media companies deliver the highest quality audience experiences while providing the flexibility to monetize and secure their content fully – without tradeoffs.

With Uplynk, latency can be reduced to as low as 15 seconds – plus Edgio continues to release new features to improve monetization strategies and user experience.

Read on to learn more about Uplynk’s latest features including Advanced Timeshifting and Universal Ad Config.