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edgio | November 16, 2023

Boosting Your Bottom Line: Edgio's Bundles vs. Your Current Solution

In a world where web performance and security are paramount, Edgio’s bundles offer a compelling solution to businesses in search of financial predictability, enhanced performance, comprehensive security, and managed support services – all in one package.

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raees-iqbal | November 9, 2023

Edgio Sites Now Supports Node.js v18

We’re excited to announce that with the release of Edgio v7.4.0, Edgio Sites now supports Node.js v18. This update offers our customers the flexibility to choose between Node.js v16 and Node.js v18 for their deployments, ensuring that they can leverage the latest features and improvements of the Node.js runtime. What’s New in Node.js v18? Node.js […]

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tom-box | November 7, 2023

Media Experimentation Requires Flexible Technology Foundations

The global streaming landscape is becoming more fragmented and competitive than ever before. In order to attract and grow the widest audience possible today, streaming services need to be flexible in the way they deliver and monetize content, manage multiple cost points and different service tiers, as well as experiment with new viewing experiences and revenue models such as SVOD, AVOD, and FAST…

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lindsay | November 6, 2023

DevSecOps: Shift Left to Avoid Shifting Your Product Roadmap Right

Welcome to the fourth episode of Beyond the Edge, a podcast dedicated to exploring the dynamic challenges faced by modern digital businesses. In this episode, our host, Lauren Bradley, Global Campaign Manager, chats with Michael Grimshaw Edgio’s Director of Platform Engineering, and Richard Yew, Senior Director of Product Management for the Edgio Security Platform, about Shifting Left. Specifically, how culture and technology change as web application and API protection become a native and inherent part of your DevOps lifecycle.

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edgio | November 2, 2023

Hacktivism in Focus: Is Your Site at Risk?

You’ve probably noticed the frequency of cyberattacks in headlines has grown drastically since the Israel/Hamas war began. We’ve seen a hike in everything from site defacement to DDoS attacks to data exfiltration from hacktivists all over the world. There have been no borders nor boundaries they aren’t willing to cross. Learn more about the rise of hacktivism and how your site is risk.

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edgio | October 26, 2023

Unlock the Future: Lumen's CDN Exit Gives Customers a Better Alternative with Edgio 

When a major player like Lumen announces its exit from the CDN arena, concerns naturally arise for existing Lumen CDN customers. How can you ensure a seamless, high-quality content delivery in the aftermath of this decision? Edgio stands ready to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality content delivery, and is offering price matching for 12 months for Lumen customers.

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