Edgio Prevents Massive DDoS Attack

Update: On June 27th, 2022, Edgio prevented yet another, even larger, DDoS attack for an important customer. This attack was 355.14 Mpps, which places it at 44% of the largest publicly disclosed DDoS attack ever. Once again, Edgio’s network absorbed the attack traffic. Our 24X7 SOC notified the client, even though there was no action required […]

How to Increase Viewer Engagement with Virtual Linear Channels

For VOD centric streaming services, it is common practice to curate content into playlists based on available metadata such as genre, actor, recently added, soon to expire, episodic (series, season, episode), and more. These playlists are used to populate the user experience in OTT apps such as Netflix, making it easy for viewers to find […]

From Dan Rayburn: “Edgecast Valued at $120M (0.5x 2021 Revenue) in Closing Transaction with Limelight Networks”

In June, Limelight Networks closed on the acquisition of Yahoo’s Edgecast, and rebranded as Edgio – a globally-scaled software solutions provider powering secure seamlessly integrated delivery, applications, and streaming experiences at the edge. The combined company now delivers significantly increased scale and scope with diversified revenue across products, clients, geographies, and channels, and an expanded total […]

In Retrospect: The Journey to Edgio

You’ve probably heard the news that Limelight will soon be starting a new journey as Edgio. But what does that mean, and how did we get here? Let’s take a quick look back, starting with the beginning of 2021. New CEO at Limelight. In February of  2021, I had the opportunity to join Limelight Networks to help shape […]