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Edgio Helps Arsenal Football Club Update and Engage Fans Anytime, Anywhere

Arsenal Football Club has entertained millions of passionate fans for over 125 years and is one of the leading football clubs in the world. Although the methods of connecting with fans have evolved throughout its rich history, Arsenal strives to create an on and offline sense of community for its neighbors in North London, throughout the UK, and more recently, across the globe.

When the decision was made to move from our previous CDN partner of 9 years to Edgio, I had only been with Arsenal for a short time. Lucky for us we had a great Edgio team before, during and after the implementation. It went so smoothly that we experienced not even a ripple; my boss didn’t even know when we moved over. If the switch hadn’t gone as smoothly as it did, I probably wouldn’t have the level of trust I have today within the club.”
John Dollin, Senior Systems and Operations Manager – Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal’s Challenge: Improve Performance and Quality of Experience for Its Growing Fan Base
With 100 million fans worldwide and millions of daily page views, Arsenal needed a platform that could support a consistent and engaging digital experience on Arsenal.com. To add to the challenge, they also needed to be ready, without notice, for spikes in traffic that occur during the football transfer window or when fans seek to confirm rumors. Additionally, quick spikes in site traffic occur when fans look for information about who is playing that day or for live match commentary, match results, or post-match reports. Often without warning, up to 250,000 unique visitors must be served within a small window of time.

Arsenal’s Solution:
Edgio Delivery Enhances Arsenal.com’s Responsiveness and Brand Around the Globe

After evaluating and testing many CDN solutions, Arsenal decided to team up with Edgio for the following reasons:




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Improve Performance and Quality of Experience for Its Growing Fan Base.



Edgio Delivery Enhances Arsenal.com’s Responsiveness and Brand Around the Globe

Global reach and scalability

Edgio owns and operates one of the world’s largest private CDNs, enabling fans to bypass the congested public internet to ensure great digital experiences anywhere in the world.

Unmatched stability and performance

Ensuring that Arsenal.com remains available at all times required a CDN that could scale to meet peak demands. Edgio can deliver a high-quality experience whenever fans request to view streaming videos, read static content, or look up game results.

Seamless implementation

Edgio’s Expert Service team began with weekly calls directly with the Arsenal team to build a comprehensive plan that resulted in a painless transition.

Mobile traffic delivery

Mobile is the biggest source of the traffic to Arsenal.com, especially in markets outside of the UK and the rest of Europe. Arsenal needed a CDN with a robust mobile solution that could support its mobile users, wherever they are and on any device.

Direct support

Arsenal needed a new vendor with a proven history of superior technical support and responsiveness. With Edgio, they have direct access to support resources around the clock.

Cost containment

Arsenal has been able to strike a balance between staying on budget and gaining the CDN functionality required at a competitive price.