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Applications Part Six: Summary

Edgio Applications: Platform of Best-of-Breed Suites

The Edgio Applications platform has hundreds of features, including DDoS scrubbing, GraphQL Caching, instant global purging, and even a log management cockpit – just to name a few. Best of all, Edgio is easy to buy and onboard onto.

You can complement your existing providers, adding any combination of security, performance, and sites, while keeping your existing CDN, or you can fully replace your current CDN.

In part six of our Applications platform overview, Ajay Kapur, Edgio’s Chief Technology Officer, summarizes why our customers tell us that our unified workflow stack and single pane of glass are unique in the market and why it gives them amazing superpowers.

With Edgio, our customers:

  • Resolve attacks twice as fast and detect far more fraudulent activity.

  • Drive revenue through sub-second page load times.

  • Move a whole lot faster by releasing with confidence and twice as often.