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Boosting Website Speed: Strategies for a Faster, More Engaging Online Experience

Discover the key strategies to boost your website’s speed and deliver a faster, more engaging online experience. In today’s digital landscape, website speed is crucial for user satisfaction, SEO rankings, and business success. Learn how to optimize images, minimize HTTP requests, utilize CDNs, and ensure multi-layered security with Edgio’s integrated solutions.

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Measuring the Middle with Retransmit Ratio

In this article, we describe a passive approach which makes use of Edgio’s xTCP socket sampling system to passively monitor many such links that our network depends on. To make the most of xTCP’s data, we’ve further developed an approach to processing this data which addresses some of the challenges associated with Internet monitoring. In particular, we introduce a concept we call the retransmit ratio, which provides a relative measure of the severity of retransmits observed between content delivery network (CDN) sites.

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Resets, Leaks, DDoS and the Tale of a Hidden CVE

Originally published on September 29, 2023 | Updated October 10, 2023: On August 28th, 2023 at 6:43 p.m., PST, Edgio engineers observed a rise in memory utilization on our edge servers, request rates to several large web properties, and the volume of logs being generated at the edge. The traffic, soon identified as an attack, was novel because it was only observable in the logs of our layer 7 load balancer.

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