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Web Application Security in the BFSI Industry

The digital revolution, the pandemic’s aftermath, and the need to be more agile and data-driven have all accelerated the pace of change – leaving gaping cybersecurity holes in web applications. 

Discover the critical considerations for ensuring a seamless user experience in web-based applications within the BFSI sector in our whitepaper. It addresses: 

  • Key trends and critical threats in the BFSI sector
  • Insights into security and scalability considerations
  • Best practices for protecting web applications and APIs
  • Industry research, case studies, and expert insights

of all cybersecurity attacks hit finance and insurance organizations
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of all attacks in the BFSI sector in 2022 were made on banks
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can be lost from a DDoS attack in just one hour
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“New technologies, such as edge platforms, can empower financial institutions in overhauling operations. Edge platforms allow financial organizations to bring security to the edge without compromising performance and productivity…thus promoting business growth.”

Stephen Cumming, CFO, Edgio

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