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Get a Comprehensive Web Assessment

Pinpoint your web app’s weak spots and select the areas your site suffers most to receive a comprehensive assessment:

  • Performance analysis will reveal current site speeds, competitor comparison, areas to optimize, ROI implications, etc.
  • Security analysis provides a list of domains with and without web application and API protection, recs on ways to consolidate tools, and more.
  • Change analysis gives you clarity around the level of effort it takes to migrate to Edgio based on your current tech stack.

Uncover your problem areas over a consultation call with Edgio experts within 72 hours.

Edgio has the global capacity and modern edge tools to keep your web apps and APIs online, secure, and running at  sub-second speeds. 

*Our security assessment are white-hat checks that will not compromise your system in any way. 

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M&M Speed Comparison

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Edgio accelerates pages by 70% on average

Want to see your page loads drop? 

Shoe Carnival discovered unprotected domains.
Edgio implemented security that protects and accelerates:

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threats blocked < 30 days
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lift in conversion rate
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faster page loads

Client adds security —
and sees 9% performance improvement

Edgio WAAP drops malicious traffic at the edge so your origin server only has clean traffic and requests, resulting in faster performance. 

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“Everyone has commented on how blazing fast our site is”  

Sam Grossman

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“From a business perspective, we have better speed and conversions. From a developer’s standpoint, we have far more flexibility.”  

Kent Zimmerman
VP eCommerce & Marketing Technology

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“We are extremely happy with the performance, reliability and security services that Edgio provides on their CDN platform.”

Stephen Jung
Associate Vice President

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“With Edgio protecting our network infrastructure and web applications, we can confidently serve our customers knowing that our defenses will be ready and available when needed.”

Derek Moon

VP, Chief Information Officer