Stop sacrificing security for speed

Edgio protects and accelerates without compromise

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As our customer, you deserve lightning fast.


Skip the trip to the origin server


Instantly populate pages


Spot and stop threats on a dime


Reduce origin server overload

Your WAF engine and app performance should work together.

Automatically block threats before it reaches your app to prevent overload, optimize rulesets to reduce latency, and remove downtime during performance updates

Security and Performance by the Numbers

71% expect personalized interactions


24% bounce
if page load is


70% admit
speed impacts


16 DDoS attacks every minute


75% of operational costs are bot attacks
Retail Touch Points

$9.4M is the average cost of a security breach


Build high security and performance at edge

For greater control, protection, and performance – transactional companies are pushing services to the edge.


Edge (ˈej): The closest possible point to the end-user.

Instead of data traversing back and forth from the cloud to the user, future-ready businesses are processing at the edge for instant page loads and trusted security.

Rely on Edgio –
where security & speed work together at the edge

Instant page loads

All website content is cached at the user’s browser for immediate responses. 

Cache dynamic data
Most CDNs only cache static data. Edgio caches all content as close to your users as possible for an instant loading page.

Load content before a request
Take advantage of the time a user spends browsing, by pre-populating content likely to be tapped.

Run on the fastest global network
Connect to more than 300 Points of Presence and 250 Tbps global capacity on our private network – and stay available 100% of the time.

Instant Page Loads
Web Security

Trusted security

Attacks are stopped at their point of entrance – and far before they get into your corporate network or cloud environment where the most damage can occur

Dual Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Two production WAFs running simultaneously to blocks malicious traffic and tests ruleset updates, avoiding security downtime.

Bot management
Bots make up over half of all internet traffic. Through AI and machine learning, get a clear picture of your bot traffic on site, and evolve with their changing tactics.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
Our DDoS protection automatically detects and stops attacks, and is backed by a global network with 70-times the capacity of the largest recorded attacks.

How Edgio stacks up against competitors

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Trusted by the biggest and most secure companies

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