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Only global unified CDN, development platform, and security suite

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Fastest, largest, and most programmable edge network & shield

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Easiest way to personalize millions of concurrent video streams at scale

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Web security

Our security features run on a globally distributed network that protects your business from vulnerabilities and mitigates attacks.

Use massive scale to protect your website
You can rely on our globally distributed with over 140 Tbps global capacity and network interconnectivity.

Multi-layer your security
Stay protected with a web application firewall, Layer 3, 4, 7 DDoS protection, data encryption, origin cloaking, and bot management.

Web Security
Development Agility


Accelerated development

Release up to 2x faster and eliminate rework with a Javascript-configured CDN and collaborative dev tools.

Access live preview URLs
Each deployment creates a URL, simultaneously accessible for any team member to review, and provide feedback early.

Configure edge logic
Collaborate and iterate on Edge logic throughout development. Push updates with confidence.

Rollback with 1-click
Easily point and click to rollback to a previous version of the environment if you make a change that breaks the site.


Next-gen web CDN

Edgio is the only programmable CDN that assembles, maintains and operates cloud services. 

Simplify cloud maintenance
Edgio unifies CDN, security, analytics, monitoring, and deployments.

Real-time insights
Get accurate stats from live users browsing your site alongside cache hits and misses analytics.

Next-Gen Web CDN Illustration
Instant Page Loads


Instant page loads

Ensure that all content is cached, pre-populated and delivered  even before a user taps or clicks.

Cache dynamic data
Cache any content at the edge, making pages instantly accessible for faster page loads.

Load content before a request
Take advantage of the time a user spends browsing, by pre-populating content likely to be tapped.


Global CDN

Provide high availability through our massive private, globally distributed network and advanced Edge caching.

Run on the fastest global network
Connect to more than 1,000 ISPs on the world’s lowest-latency global CDN.

Establish global coverage
Join a network, with more than 300 PoPs, 250 Tbps global capacity and 7,000 global interconnections. 

Global Streaming CDN
Efficient downloads


Efficient downloads

Edgio ensures that your files are delivered quickly, securely, and at scale so that your users never leave frustrated.

Place downloads at the edge
Positions large software and file downloads at the edge, speeding up time to download.

Protect your files
Downloads are protected with a global HTTPS footprint, token authentication, built-in geo-fencing and more.

Purge for performance
Purge data rapidly in real-time and at global scale – so that users are never served stale data. 


Edge cache for ISPs

Attract new service subscribers and external content providers – and increase revenue.

Get and install servers
Choose between a range of hardware, with configurations starting at 50GB cache capacity.

Connect to your routing systems
With your existing system, create additional local network reach that’s secure and high-performing.

Open network to content providers
Offer local content providers the opportunity to pay for, access and deliver their services across your network. 

Edge Cache for ISPs
Expert Services

Expert services

We analyze and upgrade your existing workflow, optimize your performance and configuration – and can train or augment your team for web apps or delivery. 

Architect for the future
Edgio can set up the ideal product workflow, provide the architecture and deliver a roadmap to achieve it.

Leverage cutting-edge technology
Migrate your web app to a headless architecture and use customer centric JavaScript frontends and frameworks. 

Manage live events
To mitigate delivery risk our team troubleshoots, monitors, and analyzes – before, during and after your event.

Powering the fastest sites on the web

" I have everything I need to solve problems and be productive."

Justin Metros

Head of Technology

"Really awesome you are still up when Akamai is down..."

John Dorn

Global DevOps Manager

"It is insane how with Edgio we can load pages instantly, and yes, instantly!"

Fabricio Ibanez

Head of Digital Platforms

"With the developer experience that Edgio provides, we deploy with confidence every time"

John Beadles

Lead Web Developer

"I've tried lots of things to optimize the site and this is best experience I've ever had"

Joel Henriquez

Lead Developer

"Being able to have cache policies a part of the code base, locally and unit test...is a huge benefit over Akamai."

Zachariah Crittendon

Software Architect